Omni-channel Management

Reach your customers across all touchpoints

Simply connect multi-channel and manage all your stores with Omisell – powered by Boxme

Run your business on one single software

Promote and sell your products directly to customers

Omisell helps you proactively grow your multi-channel business using only one web-based software
Multi-channel selling

Grow your business on all available sales channels, from social media to E-commerce platform.

Automatic synchronization

Integrate all sales channels into Omisell system for automatic, real-time update of your sales status.

Operation management

Conveniently monitor and manage your inventory, order and shipment across all sales channels.

Payment provider

Process payment easily through major online payment portals like Stripe and PayPal.

Success Story

“The Omisell team is very active and attentive in timely assisting customers. We can expand to new sales channels in a much faster and easier way.”

Frank Kang

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