E-commerce Fulfillment across Southeast Asia
- Integration with Shopee, Lazada, Shopify and more

Get your orders fulfilled, anywhere from any channels

Store your product at any Boxme warehouse and leave all the logistics matters to us. No matter if you are selling in Thailand or Vietnam, Shopee or Lazada, we will manage your inventory, pick, pack and ship your products to the end customers for you automatically with the most optimized cost and time.


What Boxme Offers

Save more on time and resources with our advanced and scalable fulfillment network.

50+ shipping solutions & up to 70% discount

Real-time update of your inventory and shipments

Pay as you go
with no hidden cost

Integration with
E-commerce channels


Personalized Packaging

Give your product packaging a personal touch.

Marketing materials

Add custom details like stickers or samples to surprise and delight your customers.

Packing slips

Customize packing slips with your logo or special instructions for free.


Send us your own branded materials to use in packaging.

Inventory management

Manage all your products across warehouses in one place.

Real-time update

Maintain full visibility of your inventory levels with real-time updates on all sales channels.

Inventory counts

Set a schedule or plan ad-hoc inventory counts to maintain accurate product levels.

Return Handling

Handle returns and exchange order with ease. All returned, sellable items will be repackaged and added back to your active inventory.


Order management

Keep your orders on time and your customers happy.

Manage all your orders

Create shipment, monitor tracking status and sales performance in one place

Express fulfillment

Same-day fulfillment guaranteed if the order is received by 4:00 pm

Control timing

Have an order that needs special attention? Specify the time should the order be processed for intermediate support.

Data control

Analyze your customer, sales, and inventory data to make the most informed decisions for your business growth.

Inventory distribution

Keep your inventory the closest to your customers to save on shipping time and cost.

Report and analytics

Decide where and when to replenish or allocate inventory based on real-time insights built into the Boxme system.

Real-time data

Stay on top of your business operation with accurate, actionable insights.

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Success Story
“Working with Boxme has directly increased our product margin. Their services have helped us continuously optimize and execute cost savings across our network.”
Mr. Oleg Glushak
Managing Director, Prime East
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