Our Mission

Boxme establishes an integrated platform for e-commerce sellers to manage and expand their businesses to the world easily with:

  • Omni-channel management
  • Automate fulfill orders
  • Logistics services (sourcing, warehousing, shipping, payment, etc.)

Our Vision

Become Southeast Asia’s leading e-logistics provider by empowering e-commerce sellers in the region and all over the world. Through connecting local partners, Boxme simplifies the process that enables e-commerce merchants to expand globally.

Core values


Boxme uses technology to develop an operational system that can connect to other service providers, creating a unified and automatic experience for our customers.


Local insights help Boxme overcome barriers in cross-border commerce, culture and language; allow us to assist customers to penetrate the Southeast Asia region in the shortest time possible.

Customer care

Boxme streamlines the customer service process with one single contact point for all markets: our professional operation team that can support you with any logistics problems.

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