B2B Fulfillment Solution

Distribute goods from centralized warehouses

Operate and manage your supply chain with both wholesale and retail orders using Boxme Global’s Fulfillment service. We can assist you in operational optimization and management using one single system. 


B2B Fulfillment Process

Save more on time and resources with our advanced and scalable B2B fulfillment solution

Store inventory with our worldwide warehousing network

Create B2B order anytime, anywhere on the Boxme system

Choose the best shipping service for your orders among many

Manage your orders, inventory and revenue in one place


One system to manage and track all orders

Optimize goods distribution

Taking advantage of Boxme’s worldwide warehouse system, we assure that whether you are wholesaling or retailing, the supply chain will be running at its best.

Depending on your sales strategies, Boxme can offer the most suitable plan for each type of order.

Product management

Manage your stored products at multiple warehouses with one single system.

Real-time inventory update

Update your product quantity and status with real-time update across all sales channels

Outbound strategy

Flexible outbound strategies like FIFO, FEFO, LIFO are available for you to select.

Serial/Imei management

Serial/Imei management helps you control product warranty and provide accurate support to every customer.


Order management

Keep your orders on time and your customers happy.

Manage all your orders

Create shipment, monitor tracking status and sales performance in one place

Express fulfillment

Same-day fulfillment guaranteed if the order is received by 4:00 pm

Control timing

Have an order that needs special attention? Specify the time should the order be processed for intermediate support.

Data control

Analyze your customer, sales, and inventory data to make the most informed decisions for your business growth.

Inventory distribution

Keep your inventory the closest to your customers to save on shipping time and cost.

Report and analytics

Decide where and when to replenish or allocate inventory based on real-time insights built into the Boxme system.

Real-time data

Stay on top of your business operation with accurate, actionable insights.

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