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This detailed guide will help you with everything you need to know before going for the Malaysian market. Unlock your potential, scale up your business, and conquer the region with the help of Boxme Global.

32.16 M


$3.68 B


19.9 M

Number of Online Shoppers

$ 185

Average Spending 

Malaysia's E-commerce Facts & Figures

Malaysia should definitely be on your E-commerce checklist as the government has been making the online economy a national priority. Furthermore, Malaysians are generous shoppers with average spending significantly bigger than their neighboring countries. 

How to sell to Malaysia

There are 3 different ways for a foreign company to enter the Malaysian market easily, each comes with different pros and cons. Figure out which one is the most suitable for your business.

Boxme can assist you with

What to start your own business in Malaysia now?

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Business Registration

Boxme can assist you with the paperwork required by the government when setting up a business in Malaysia.

 E-commerce Fulfillment

Scale up your business without any logistics worries as orders are processed and delivered by Boxme.

Last-mile and COD

Select from 50+ of Boxme’s delivery partners for the best option for last-mile and cash on delivery.

Import and Export

From taxes & duties, customs clearance to sales support, all can be covered by Boxme experts.

Cross-border Fulfillment

Expand to another country easily just by sending your stock to Boxme’s international fulfillment hub.

Global Dropshipping

Reach 10,000+ resellers with global dropshipping network Netsale to sell multi-channels & multi-countries anywhere.

E-commerce Selling

Upload your products and synchronize your orders on various E-commerce platforms easily with Boxme.

Cross-border Shipping

Cross-border shipping made easier, faster and more economical with Boxme’s global shipping network.

Money Remittance

Get your revenue transferred daily with our international money remittance services.

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