Easily Expand Your Business To Southeast Asia

BoxMe is the premier cross-border e-Commerce fulfillment network in Southeast Asia, enabling world-wide merchants to sell online into this region without need to establish local presence.

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We provide comprehensive fulfillment solutions that aim to solve all issues in logistics for e-commerce that can help you easily scale up your business from and to Southeast Asia.

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Our Solutions

E-commerce Fulfillment

Take your E-commerce sales, local and cross-border, to the new high by automate orders processed from all your channels with Boxme.

Cross-border Fulfillment

Worry no more about logistics. Leave fulfillment to the professionals so you can focus on increasing sales..

Global Dropshipping

Start a dropshipping business from scratch with our complete dropshipping platform - Netsale.asia by choosing from millions of products and dropship only the profitable ones to your customers, anywhere in the world.

Cross-border Shipping

Make your cross-border business as simple as selling local. Plus Boxme help you make it easier, faster and more economical.

Last-mile Delivery & CoD

Connect with our 50+ partners to help you deliver and collect cash on delivery in the most convenient way.

Import & Export

Don't let local regulations or taxes block your oversea business expansion. Let Boxme take care of those while you can focus on doing real business.

All Features - One Connection

We integrated with top E-Commerce Platforms and Marketplaces & 50+ courriers

questions & answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries does Boxme provide services to?

Boxme is the premier cross-border e-Commerce fulfilment network with presence at 5 countries in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines & Indonesia, together with a sourcing hub in China and fulfillment network in the US. Boxme provide e-commerce fulfillment services for businesses to sell from and to Southeast Asia without any limitation.

What warehousing options does Boxme provide?

Boxme provides 2 storage conditions for customers including normal storage (with conventional products) and cool storage (25oC) (applied for cosmetic goods, functional foods and products requiring cool storage).

What cost do we have to pay when using Boxme's services and solutions?
BoxMe warehouses will be free of charge for storage within the first 30 days. You do not have to pay for storage costs, maintenance fees, warehouse staff for 30 days.
How can we connect to Boxme if we already have a seller management system?
If you are selling online via omni-channel, you can easily connect APIs to Boxme's system from more than 15 e-commerce platforms and e-commerce sales platforms in the country and internationally i.e. Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, Lazada, etc.
Does Boxme have a product registration service before importing?
Yes. For products requiring registration or special license to be imported into Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines; Boxme will advise you on the procedure and help you to register / apply for import license.