2022 E-commerce Trends and buyer Behavior in Thailand

2022 Thailand E-commerce Trends and Buyers Behavior

Expanding the brand to the Southeast Asia market
where there are various cultures in a country is challenging for every entrepreneurs both local brand and international brand.

Despite there is a great local partners,
learning and acknowledging native behavior,  nature, and beliefs will be an advantage for the expanding business.

Boxme is not only the local fulfillment provider in Thailand,
but we are going through to be the best enabler E-commerce in Thailand and this region
by providing the one-stop logistics solutions and support brand insight E-commerce tips.

Here are some tips that we’ve provided consulting to our customers (SME, brands, companies, organization,…)
You could download and contact us if there is some information you need to know.

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❶ E-commerce potential of Thai Market and SEA
– Why Thailand is your the next hottest online market!

❷ Thais generation behavior
– What is each generation looking for?

❸ Shopping trends
– Is your product on trend?

❹ 5 factors that force Thais purchasing decision
– What else does your business need?

❺ Product promoting trends
– The way to approach the Thai market and reach your target!

❻ Future E-commerce Trends
– Know first, start first, win first!

❼ Omi-channel is on trend!!
– There is an outstanding brand channel that’s not enough anymore!

❽ Tips: Insight that foreigner entrepreneur haven’t acknowledged
– What actually are the Thais concerned about and prefer?

❾ Things that the brand shouldn’t miss!
– Suggestions to win your business in Thailand


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2022 Thailand E-commerce Trends and Buyers Behavior

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