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Boxme is your all-in-one warehouse, order fulfillment and shipping partner.

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The Next Generation
Supply Chain

With Boxme’s wide range of services, logistics for your business operation become much more simple. Leave the complicated work for us to fully focus on expanding your network.

E-comm Fulfillment

Storage & Warehousing

Storage & Warehousing

Storage & Warehousing

Other Services

Solutions Provided


The ability to determine the overall capacity for growth and specific geographical locations based on the client’s needs

Transportation Services

Offering a wide range of transportation options such as parcel management, last mile delivery, arranging LCL inbound and outbound logistics, co-loading, cross-docking, and integrated drayage system

Technology Integration

Equipped with Fast electronic data interchange (EDI) which allows the system to communicate with another entity, to increase the process efficiency and reduce errors while connected to the E-commerce platforms and WMS

Value-Added Service

Fulfillment which caters not just for pick & pack services but also custom packing, wrapping, and printing, and a broad range of delivery options, planned and designed for clients

Our Platform
Track, Measure & Optimize Your Performance

Boxme is constantly breaking e-commerce bottlenecks in Southeast Asia by building the technologies and services to connect all parts of the e-commerce value chain. Our in-house support systems ensure our clients fulfill their e-commerce interests with complete transparency.

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