The Last Milestone Of Any Crowdfunding Campaigns - Now Solved!

Let Boxme help you designing an optimized plan to ship your products to any market following your pre-orders and plan!

Ready For The Future?

Crowdfunding is not just about raising fund, isn't it? Successful crowdfunding campaigns, when turning into established brands, continue with planning for the goods to be delivered to customers at an optimized cost.

And that's where Boxme can help you!

How To Start?

We have the ultimate fulfillment solution tailor-made for any crowdfunding project!


Don't know where to mass produce your crowdfunded products? How about leveraging our connection?


Instantly estimate an optimized plan to store, pack and ship your products to anywhere that best suit you.


We will pick-up, store, package and label your products perfectly before shipping worldwide.


We take care of your products in case of returning as well, and at 50% shipping fee.

But That's Not Everything!

We help you save every penny on logistics

Tax & Duties estimate and optimize

We help you figure out all tax & duties fee together with shipping cost to any country so that you can have an optimized plan to save delivery cost.

Direct-link services

We connect you to a wide network of posts and delivery service providers worldwide with regular promotions that help you save over 50% delivery cost.

Rest Assured! You Are In Good Hand!

All-in-one management platform

We provide you with a comprehensive platform where you can compare shipping costs, choose various courriers, manage inventory, track and trace your every shipment and more.

Dedicated customer support

Our customer support can help you with any issues regarding your shipment, from shipment planning to shipment return handling.

Start Planning The Future Of Your Crowdfunding Project Now?