J&T Philippines

J&T Philippines is one of Boxme’s courier partner that you can choose when using Boxme fulfillment services. Please refer to the below information and detailed quotation for more information to choose your ideal shipping option.

About J&T Philippines

J&T Express is a well-known courier with offices in five Southeast Asian nations. J&T Express, an Indonesian company, joined the Philippine express delivery industry in August 2018. Until recently, a large network has supported delivery services inside the city, as well as intercity and e-commerce consumers. In the Philippines, J&T Express operates more than 300 locations.

Supporting services

  • Express service

Shipping policies for Boxme customers

  • Change COD: NO
  • Change address: NO
  • Call or SMS before delivering: Yes
  • If the buyer refused the parcel: Will tag right away and do return process next day
  • How many maximum days can hold after 1st failed delivery: 1 day
  • How many times for delivery: 2-3 times
  • Allow to open before receiving: NO


Limit of Weight, Dimension/ Parcel:

  • Maximum of 50kg. Whichever is higher from actual weight and volumetric weight
  • Maximum length : 150 cm


Shipping Complaints:

  • Damage or shortage must be reported in writing within 48 hours from the date the consignment is delivered to the consignee
  • Estimate response time for checking problems (Complain wrong reason, journey of parcel,…): 1 – 3 working days



  • Insured Order: Full of the declared value. Maximum Value: 30,000 PHP
  • COD Maximum: 30,000 PHP


Special Note: For J&T, there are some products they strictly require to pack with bubble. If you don’t pack bubble, when you have a damaged case, J&T will not compensate.



Ratings for

J&T Philippines

Below are the ratings based on Boxme’s customer usage data for your reference in choosing courier(s).

5 Stars/5
4 Stars/5
4 Stars/5
4 Stars/5


J&T has a wide coverage area, but it has quite strict requirements in terms of service and packaging policies compared to other shipping partners. Price is also not an advantage of this courier.

* The quotation and policies only apply to Boxme's customers

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Close from 31st December till 1st Jan 

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On December 24 and December 31, 2020, the Ninjavan Unit’s pick-up and delivery activities took place from 9:00 to 16:00.

During the two days of December 25 and January 1, the loading and shipping activities will be suspended

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  • Courier activity:  1st Jan, all deliver service will be suspended. On 2nd of Jan, only EMS service will operate
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  • Courier activity:  

From 31st December to 2nd Jan, all pickup will be suspended. 

From 31st December to 1st Jan: All deliver service will take days off except Flash, Kerry, J&T                                       

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