One-stop Boxme Fulfillment for South East Asia

  • Do you sell products to/in South East Asia?
  • Do you feel overload with operation?
  • Do you want to more free time for your-self?

We are the best solution for you! Boxme will handle your manual labour and help you to focus on expanding your business.

How it work?

Easy scale your business without any limitation

1. You sell

You sale via omni channel likes Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Facebook, ...

2. We stock

You can check inventory realtime in anywhere and every time.

3. We pick & pack

You create order via API or our seller center, we will do it immediately

4. We ship

You can ship locally and to more than 220 countries


Ensure for safety, hygiene, rapid processing of your orders



Boxme fulfills your orders 7 days/week, our shippers are always ready to pick up your parcels anytime, anywhere.

Cross Border E-Commerce

We create incredible opportunities for you to sell anything to anywhere.

No more wrong item

Every product will be labelled with a barcode and controlled by our professional process.

Good packaging

You can customize packaging as your special requirements under high standard quality.

Faster shipping

Lead-time delivery can reduce from 30% to 50% when you use our optimized fulfilment service.

Satisfy your customer

Because your customers will receive their parcel way faster than they can expect.

Cut-off shipping cost

Economical shipping fee, free return fee, free storage fee* and pay fulfillment fee as you go only.

Scale up your business

You can just focus on marketing & sale and customer service, we will take care of the rest!