has two types of storage charge, you can use one of two ways below depending on the product characteristics and the appropriate storage time.

  1. Storage by product

BoxMe will store your goods on standard shelves; we will base on the storage time to the packaging of each product to charge.

Example: You have 30 products to import and store at 10:30:00 on 01/04/2016 and then shipped out at 10:30:00 on 10/05/2015.

  • Total storage charge = 30 products x 15 VND / hour x ( 936-696 ) hours = 108,000 VND
  • In which: The product storage time is 936 hours, BoxMe free 30 days is 696 hours and storage charge 1 hour price list is 15d / hour / product
  1. Storage by shelf

Basing on the standard goods Boxme will convert products into standard categories (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6). A standard shelf of Boxme is 2m x 0.4m = 0.8m2.