The process of using BoxMe’s system is built on four basic steps:


Create a list of products

Firstly, you need to create a list of products you are trading on the system by creating each product or many products by excel file.


Submit an inventory request

Once you have a list of products, you will need to submit your import request to the processing center


Boxme imports

After receiving the request, Boxme will go to your warehouse to get the goods and enter the nearest boxme.

Upon entering the warehouse, your goods will be checked and pasted barcode for management and tracking status.

Create and browse menus

Buyers order

When it’s ready at Boxme’s store, you just need to focus on marketing campaigns, promoting products to search for orders.

Seller confirmed

When you receive an order, you only need to reconfirm with the customer through any convenient way to close the order.

Create and browse menus

Create and check for orders that have been latched prior to browsing through Boxme.


Boxme packing

Processing center at Boxme

Boxme will regularly check the orders on the system and close the application before 17:00 the same day. Please pay attention to this timeline to arrange the creation and review of the application in the most effective way.

Create a shipping statement

The staff at Boxme Warehouse will get the exact product requested from your order.


Goods taken on request will be carefully packed in accordance with the standard.

Boxme delivery

Shipping carrier

Post-packing goods will be shipped via the Shipchung nationwide shipping port to the customer.


The carrier proceeds to contact the designated customer for delivery and collection (if applicable).

Control & Payment

Boxme will pay the shipping fee and shipping fee on the 3rd Friday

If you have any questions, please contact us via hotline: (+84) 96 497 82 97 or (+84) 1900-636-068 or email us @ for further information.