When you have the goods and need sent to the BoxMe ’s warehouse, you have to create a warehouse request to pick up and import your goods into our warehouse. The process of creating a warehouse request on BoxMe system is as follows:

Step 1: Sign in

You can visit the link: http://seller.boxme.asia/usa/#/access/signin

Enter the account information and password you registered with BoxMe

Step 2: Configure your account

In the menu bar on the left side of the screen, select “Setting” => Select “Pickup Address”

In the Pickup Address tab, you will see the “BoxMe Warehouse Service Setting” => Select BoxMe warehouse that you want to use and click “Update”

  • Also in Pickup Address tab, you will see “Pickup address config” => Click on “Add pickup Address”, then filling your shop’s address or your storage address that you want to BoxMe pickup from and click on “Update”.

Step 3: Enter product information

  • In the menu left column, select “Create Product”
  • Declare information related to products such as: Product Name, Category, Volume… => Please note that, in the section “Your SKUs” you fill on BoxMe’s account will be used to link with your website marketplace or e-commerce flatform such as Shopify, Ebay, Magento, Lazada, Haravan, WooCommerce,… ; therefore, it should be the same in your BoxMe’s account.
  • Press the “Create” button.
  • Note: You are required to complete the fields marked with *

Step 4: Create inventory request

Once you have added the products to your system, click the “Create Shipment” button at the left column to create inventory request. After that, you fill in 4 small next steps in the “Create shipment” as below

In the tab 1: Select product

  • Click on the box “Product name or BSIN”
  • Select all the products you want to import into the BoxMe’s warehouse, then click “Add” and fill in the number section.
  • Then click Next to follow the next step.

In the tab 2: Select Warehouse and shipping method

Select the required BoxMe’s warehouse

  • In the Inbound Information, you select the BoxMe’s warehouse that you want to ship into and then select your pickup address from.
  • In the Shipping Method, you choose “Boxme shippping partners (recommended)” or “Shipping by yourself” and fill in required informations
  • Then click “Next” to follow next step

In the tab 3: Labeling & packing preparation

  • See the guideline and follow them.
  • Print the Good-Note into 2 copies, then put an good-note inside the parcel and stick the other on the parcel.

In the tab 4: Delivery

  • Click on “Create tracking number” and then print & stick the airway bill on the parcel / or write the tracking code on the parcel and click on Finish button.
  • In case you use “shipping by yourself”, then clicking on Finish button.

After completing the above steps, your goods will be entered into the warehouse. You can easily track your shipments daily to actively process orders to increase sales further with BoxMe.