To start using the service, create inventory request, create the first order and manage the goods, you need to recharge the account of BoxMe in two forms: Recharge via payment gate, transfer account for BoxMe account

To add money to your BoxMe account, follow these steps

Step 1: Login to your account:

Step 2: Make a deposit by clicking on the menu “Topup” in your account

Step 3: At the top up screen, you choose the form of recharge via Credit card or or through the local Bank

Add money through Credit card

At first, you have to input your credit card into your BoxMe’s account by click “Here” => then click on “Add credit card” in the Payment Linked tab.

And you come back to Step 2 to choose the “Select Payment Method” => then click on “Deposit Money”

Add money through (VIETNAM USER)

  • Click on the refill via
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit into your account and click “Add money”
  • After clicking “Deposit”, you will be transferred to At, you login to the account and choose the appropriate form

Note: In case you have enough balance to load at, you choose the form of payment “Balance” In case you do not have account you should choose the form of direct deposit into the bank account of BoxMe.

Add money directly to your bank account

  • Click on “Transfer directly to the bank account of BoxMe (Techcombank)”.
  • After transfer, please capture transaction screen or send transaction code to email
  • Interpretation content in the transfer: Please fill out the commentary including your BoxMe account.

Upon receipt of the customer’s request, the Shipchung accountant will recharge the account for the customer