• Why cannot I find the product I just created?

If you do not find the product you just created in the product listing page, you may see the following reasons

  1. You are filtering the product list “In stock”.
  2. Product creation failed

To test you can use the search function in the SKU code box, product name or the whole list of your products (with and without warehousing) according to the following instructions:

  • What is a SKU?
    SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, which means that the unit of inventory classification or simpler is the commodity code.


  • Why do I need to fill in SKU?
    Each product in your warehouse requires a separate code called SKU. SKU is world-wide and a useful tool to help you find quickly, manage your products easily and scientifically as your business portfolio grows and diversifies.


  • Why SKU is useful?
    SKUs are more necessary than barcodes in controlling local warehouses, SKUs contain separate alphanumeric symbols for each product category, you just need to look at SKUs, can identify the type of product by signing. Easily read them without scanning the system like Barcode. There is no limit to the number of SKUs, no matter where your merchandise is.


  • The most memorable way to read SKU

    A SKU should include the following elements:

    #first. Manufacturer name (or brand name)

    #2. Product Description: Short description of the material (cotton, khaki, silk, brocade …); shape (long, short …)

    # 3. Date of purchase: Including  days, months, years (only the last two numbers).

    # 4. Storage: If you have more than one warehouse, you can have separate logos for each warehouse in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh … or by district.

    # 5. Product size

    # 6. Color products

    # 7. Product status: New or used

    By combining all of these elements together, you will easily name SKUs on the product by category.