You have just started up your business or expand your market to the other country through multiple channels online, BOXME Global (BMG) may be an efficient and saving-money solution for you.

BOXME Global provides fulfillment services from A-Z for merchants of all types and sizes. With the fulfillment network in Southeast Asia and the US, China and over 15-year experiences on E-commerce, we can supply the unique platform where global sellers can scale business in SEA without borders or limitation. Below is an overview of our fulfillment services.

Scalable Fulfillment Services

Throughout the year, the sellers that sell online or do global business often gets difficulty in managing the inventory and international shipping. With BOXME Global, our fulfillment services can help you make it more easy to handle orders and scale your business while customers still have good shopping experience.

These are all our fulfillment services:

+ Receiving

+ Storage service

+ Pick and pack service

+ Domestic and international shipping

+ Return processing

+ Money collect

+ Other additional services

With our fulfillment centre network and our support, you can get an efficient and saving money way to sell your wide variety of products. All that you have to do for a delivery is just creating an order then we will do all the rest.

Easy-to-use system

At Boxme Global fulfillment, our system allows you to manage your orders, the number of inventory and shipments. By logging into your account on Boxme global system, all the data that you need will be shown clearly and easy to follow. Here are what you can see on our web-based:

+ 24/7 access

+ Follow inventory number

+ Order status updates

+ Shipment tracking

+ News of shipment

With this modern and accuracy system, you can avoid picking wrong item or miss order. You will have multiple choice from our service to do your best business.

Wide fulfillment centre network

Boxme global are currently owning warehouse in Thailand, Malaysia, Viet Nam, China, United State and the one in Indonesia is in completing process, we will give you a big support in doing global business. Whether you’re a startup doing 50 orders per month, or 5,000 orders per month, we offer an affordable solution without any long-term storage fees or penalties.

Our warehouses follow a common standard of storage. All your products are under 24h security monitoring to ensure the quality of the product during all the time. Boxme global also provide air-conditioned room to keep some special goods that need to keep in cold.

Terms and conditions that we’ve set up are always clear with no hidden fees or tricky term.

You will be provided fast, personalized support from our dedicated client services team that always willing to answer all your questions.

By our efforts, we believe that you can get the great experiences when co-operating with BOXME Global. Please access to create your account and let us know what do you want.

Why we do it?

BOXME Global want to become Uber for e-Fulfillment. We are not warehouse provider and we do not own any warehouse, equipment, shipper.

We bring our knowledge & technology to our strategic partners because we want to create added value for our customers.

Not sure which solution fits your business the best?